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Counselor's Corner (Newsletter)

Grizzly Guidance

Directions and Connections



Greetings from the Counseling Department! We are actively delivering guidance lessons (a component of our “Get Connected, Stay Connected” curriculum) to Sophomores through the World History/AP European History classes, providing Junior Advisement, helping seniors who need letters of recommendations and college application assistance, and continuing to monitor students with academic and/or personal concerns.


Get Connected to Naviance!

Access Naviance, a web-based service designed to assist in making decisions about colleges and careers.


Log Into Your Parent Account:

You can access Naviance by logging on directly at http://connection.naviance.com/gbhs or go to GBHS’s main website and click on the “Plan With Us” link. You will click on the “Naviance Family Connection” link. From there, click “I need to register.” Mother and Father parent registration codes are separate:

a. Mother registration code is: your student’s 6 digit GBHS ID number + P

    (ie. 123456P)

b. Father registration code is: your student’s 6 digit GBHS ID number + PP

    (ie. 123456PP)


If you have more than one child attending GBHS, contact Amy Rehwald at arehwald@rjuhsd.us to link siblings.



NEED CREDITS TO GRADUATE in English, Math, Science, Health, or History

Credit and Grade Recovery Applications


Spring Session Credit Recovery applications are available now. Students need to see their counselor or the front desk (no appointments necessary during lunch times or before or after school) to pick up a form, get parent signatures, and then return to counselor for processing. Since there could be limited spaces in the spring session, it is important that students get registration forms in as soon as possible – priority registration closes on January 30th. Classes will be offered as Online “Blended” courses requiring students to attend weekly on-site meetings with the teacher. Any student who failed a required course for graduation should make plans to attend the spring session of Credit Recovery. Spring Session Credit Recovery is available to those who failed (“F” grade) one of the following courses: English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12, World Studies, US History, Government, Economics, Health and Safety, Integrated Math 1, Algebra 1, Geometry, Earth Science, or Biology.

Spring session of Credit Recovery will be held at Independence High School located at 125 Berry St., Roseville 95678 and runs from January 12th through May 15th.


Spring Session Grade Recovery applications are available now. Students need to see their counselor or the front desk (no appointments necessary during lunch times) to pick up a form, get parent signatures, and then return to counselor for processing. Since there could be limited spaces in the spring session, it is important that students get registration forms in as soon as possible – priority registration closes on January 30th. Classes will be offered as Online “Blended” courses requiring students to attend weekly on-site meetings with the teacher. Any student who received a “D” grade in any of the following courses qualifies to attend the spring session of Grade Recovery: English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12, World Studies, US History, Government, Economics, Integrated Math 1, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Earth Science, or Biology.

Since four year colleges require a C or better in college prep courses, it is important that these courses be re-taken to earn the necessary minimum “C” grade or better – courses are limited to those mentioned above.

Spring session of Grade Recovery will be held at Independence High School located at 125 Berry St., Roseville 95678 and runs from January 12th through May 15th.


Freshman Focus – We are encouraging ninth graders to:    Continue working on good study habits, time management, and goal setting with the 4-year plan by using the Naviance tool at https://connection.naviance.com/fc/signin.php?hsid=gbhsPart 1 of Frosh Advising was conducted in the Theater on Sept. 3rd. In February we will be conducting part 2 of Frosh Advising – the Lab Session. During this session we will be walking students through a personality/career assessment utilizing Naviance as well as revising their 4-year academic plan in preparation for next year’s course registration. Please encourage your student to continue exploring Naviance as it is a great resource and one we will continue to utilize in our advising sessions throughout the years here. For more information about utilizing this great resource, please reference the Naviance Resource Guide that is available on the GBHS website on the right hand side under Important Information.


Also encourage them to use the Career Center, books, internet resources, etc. to evaluate career possibilities. Don’t decide to “teach” or go into “business” and then later discover it is not suited to your personality.



For college planning: start a file with www.csumentor.edu and http://connection.naviance.com/gbhs (Naviance)  

For help with academic struggles: www.studygs.net           



Tenth Grade Focus/ Class Advising – Part 1 of Sophomore Advising was conducted in the Theater on October 22nd where we covered a review of how to read transcripts, understanding graduation requirements, college options, testing requirements and timelines for college, and resources (including Naviance) to help. Sophomores currently enrolled in fall World History or AP European History will be participating in Part 2 of Sophomore Advising (The Lab Session) with counselors where we will walk students through a lesson utilizing Naviance. This will occur the week of Dec. 8th. Encourage your student to complete the Career Interest Profiler through Naviance. The Sophomore Advising Guide will be available for download beginning the week of December 8th at the counseling website http://granitebayhigh.org/domain/30. These advising sessions will be offered again to spring World History classes during the week of January 20th 


We are encouraging Sophomore students to: Continue taking rigorous classes. Take AP, and Honors classes if appropriate. Start thinking and looking at college and careers by exploring websites or catalogs. Assess (or re-assess) career options and their changing likes and needs. Make choosing a career a matter of contemplation. Seek further opportunities to explore the world out there. Volunteer or work in areas in which you are interested. Learn. Study. Grow. Do extra-curricular activities. Make school your primary focus.



Check out the GBHS Counseling Website for links to study skills help, test-taking strategies, stress management, and more! http://granitebayhigh.org/domain/30   


For career search info: www.cacareerzone.com and www.californiacareers.info which has a great career planning guide.

College search info: www.californiacolleges.edu and http://www.princetonreview.com/college-education.aspx            


Important Info for Junior Students!!!

Part 1 of Junior Advising was held on Wednesday, Nov. 12th. During this session each junior was given advising information, including a packet containing an updated transcript and their a-g status for college. Please encourage your junior to share this information with you. Part 2 of Junior Advising was conducted the week of November 17th for those in fall English classes. Students were advised to download the Junior Advising Guide from the counseling website or through Naviance – please encourage them to do so. These advising sessions will be conducted again to spring English classes during the week of January 12th. An additional transcript along with an advising letter will be mailed home sometime in January.  


We are encouraging Juniors to: continue taking rigorous classes. If you need help, ask! Begin/continue keeping track of deadlines. Take the ACT and/or SAT I and SAT II tests in the spring.  Prepare for standardized tests. Learn how the test is given, what type of questions are on it, and so on. Visit colleges.  Discover new trends and predictions for careers for the future. Continue your volunteer work. Continue involvement with extra-curricular activities.



Access free practice SAT or ACT tests and prep material at: www.collegeboard.org or www.actstudent.org or www.khanacademy.org or www.number2.com



Senior Section


College Bound Seniors College bound seniors applying to private colleges have been keeping us busy with letters of recommendations and the college counselor forms. We have been very appreciative of how great the students have been about following our request to give us a minimum of two weeks advance notice. Any due dates that fall during the winter break (Dec. 20th  – Jan. 5th) must be handled by Dec. 5th – plan accordingly.

Note: Please remember to utilize the Senior Advising information on the counseling website and Naviance.


The Many Paths to a College DegreeWe shared this last year in our newsletter but thought it was worth repeating….There is a great deal of stress and anxiety at this time of year for seniors and sometimes students have the mistaken belief that there is only one path to that desired college degree. Some have the misperception that the community college isn’t really college. Neither belief, of course, is correct. The community college is an excellent choice for many students for several reasons. Many students simply are not emotionally ready to be away from home right after high school. With all that freedom comes a multitude of choices for an eighteen year old – some are ready for that experience, others are not. Community colleges are also a great financial bargain. Colleges require students to fulfill general education (GE) requirements during their first two years of college. Students can match up their course work at the community college with the four year institution they are planning on attending so that they can live at home without the additional expenses, fulfill those GE requirements, and transfer as a third year college student to the campus of their choice.

            While it is true that there are a higher percentage of students at the community college whose grades were not competitive, it is a “second chance” for those students. Those students, as well as the already serious students, have the opportunity to transfer to outstanding universities after completing their GE requirements. All California community colleges have special arrangements with some four-year schools including six of the nine UC’s (the two exceptions are UCLA, UC Berkeley, and UC San Diego). They also have Associate of Arts Transfer (AA-T) and Associate of Science Transfer (AS-T) degrees which provide for guaranteed acceptance to a CSU (but no guarantee of choice of campus). These AS-T and AA-T’s degrees guarantee that upon transfer to a CSU, and in that particular major, the student will not be required to complete more than 60 units at the CSU to earn their BS or BA degree. For more information of the CSU AA-T, AS-T program, go to www.ADegreeWithAGuarantee.com. Students attending local junior colleges have preferred transfer status with CSU Sacramento which makes it easier to transfer in compared to those outside of the CSU Sacramento service area. Guaranteed transfer agreements are typically entered into once a student has completed approximately half of their transfer requirements (for most students this is around 30 units). If students follow through with their remaining transfer requirements and hit the minimum GPA requirement (varies by 4 yr. college) they are guaranteed acceptance as a transfer student.

            So if your student is not quite ready for the four-year college experience, encourage them to create an alternate four-year college plan. As always, we try to encourage students to keep focused on a plan, take as many academics as they can, and know that they will reach their goals!

          The counseling office is busy as ever with our springtime focus on spring and summer Credit Recovery registration, online registration and advising for next school year, required college testing for juniors, final college & career decisions with seniors, the process for course changes for next year, and helping students stay focused with the end quickly approaching.



Post High School Jitters? Students unsure about career possibilities or college or technical programs available after high school (not uncommon!) are encouraged to utilize Naviance, an internet career exploration program that can be accessed from home. Access information is available at http://connection.naviance.com/gbhs.



Check out http://gblearningcenter.weebly.com/career-websites.html for free college and career search resources.


Spring Semester Schedule Changes – Students desiring a spring schedule adjustment will be given an opportunity to pursue this by submitting an online request after school on the first day of the spring term (January 6th).  They will have until midnight that day to submit their request. Please plan accordingly as this is the only opportunity to seek a schedule change. 

Note: There is no guarantee we will be able to accommodate the requested schedule change. If the change can be accommodated then counselors will process them and send updated schedules to those students.  You can also access any updated changes to the schedule through Homelink.


New semester coming soon! Just a reminder that after we return from Winter Break we roll right into the spring term. All Students will pickup a spring schedule on the first day of the new term on Tues., Jan. 6th before school.


Schedule Change Policy: Remember that we have a two-week “drop-F” policy which means any necessary changes must be made within the first two weeks of the term. Because of the 4X4 schedule, most academic changes must be made during the first week of the term. After the tenth day of the spring term (Jan. 20th), a student will receive a “drop F” grade from any class being exited. Exceptions will be made only for teacher initiated/approved level changes within the same subject area.



GBHS Counseling Department Website

http://granitebayhigh.org/domain/30  We have been working hard to provide relevant information in a timelier and readily accessible format. Hopefully you will find it helpful in providing current school news, academic resources, social/emotional resources, test-taking strategies, stress management help, college and career searches, college handbook, study skills help etc. 


College and Career Handbook Online


Be sure to check out this wonderful resource for information on SAT/ACT testing, college application procedures, college visitation guidelines, career search info, NCAA info, alternate routes to your dream college, financial aid and scholarship info. and much, much more!


It’s Time to Start and/or Continue Your College/Career Search @


CaliforniaColleges.edu is the state’s official website that provides information about higher education and career planning in California for students and parents. It has been developed in collaboration with the California State University (CSU), University of California (UC), California Community Colleges (CCC), Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU), and the California Department of Education. You will find it is a great place to start the college/career planning journey with guidelines for exploring colleges/careers, paying for college, how to navigate the admissions process, how to pick the college right for you etc.





Guidance Counselors

If your student needs help with homework, study habits, stress management, time management etc. or seems to be struggling in school (defined as getting D’s and F’s) and you can’t figure out why, please contact your student’s counselor for further help.



Remember you can access your student’s classroom assignments, current grade, attendance status, transcripts etc. from home on your own internet-connected computer. To create a student or parent account, please visit this address http://homelink.rjuhsd.us/.


Study skills: www.studygs.net, http://lsc.sas.cornell.edu/Sidebars/Study_Skills_Resources/SKResources.html

Stress Management: www.stressmanagementtips.com

College Searches: www.collegeboard.org, www.princetonreview.com,  www.californiacolleges.edu


Career Searches: www.cacareerzone.com, www.californiacareers.info                      


SAT and ACT Practice Tests: www.collegeboard.org, or www.actstudent.org


Volunteer Work: www.roseville.ca.us/hr/volunteer_center/default.asp




Counselor request forms are available at the front desk for students to complete if they want to meet with their counselor.  Turn-around time is typically within 48 hours.  Remind your students that they can see their counselor during both lunchtimes and before and after school (when we do not have a scheduled meeting) on a drop-in basis without an appointment!  If students have an emergency, they should not wait, but should go directly to the front desk in the administration building where support will be provided.